Who We Are


The Saltus™ Pod was developed to allow any person to build his/her dream home in a modular way at an affordable cost.

The basic pod must cater for the first time house buyer and with add-ons the pod must also be suitable for luxurious off-grid living. The Saltus™ Pod building system can be modularly assembled like LEGO® to progress from 10m2 to any size home in 10m2 increments.

The Saltus™ Pod was also developed for the harshest of environments and made fire and weather proof to be installed in very remote locations. The goal: no maintenance required.

Also – the Saltus™ Pod can be made bulletproof with the optional request of a Kevlar layer.

Our Team

The founding members:

Johann Venter: Managing Director & CEO of Saltus Pods Pty Ltd;

Adriaan Pretorius: Experienced architect with own practice;

Johann du Plessis: New Business Development & Project Manager for installations;

Wenzel Kerremans: Commercial and Contracts.

Manufacturing facilities are located in the Western Cape & Gauteng in South Africa to enable delivery of pods nationally & internationally with the shortest possible lead time. Pods can be exported into Africa from Pretoria via truck. Pods can also be exported to Europe, USA, South America & Australia from Cape Town.

Sales agents – We have appointed sales agents nationally & internationally in your area and you can make contact with your closest agent to get started.

We offer support in choosing the correct product for you, designing the final structure, installation of the composite support and quality control after installation.

Our Objectives


Saltus Pods are well built, well insulated, fire resistant, affordable modular housing which can be used as:

  1. Temporary homes for construction/factory workers/informal settlements;
  2. Temporary offices;
  3. Isolation units during Covid-19 pandemic;
  4. Storage units.

OBJECTIVE 2: Alternative building materials

Saltus alternative building materials can be used as:

  1. Wall panels;
  2. Roof panels;
  3. Floor panels;
  4. Quick construct frame for panels.