SALTUS™ PODS are well built, well insulated, fire resistant, affordable modular housing which can be used as:



The SALTUS™ Pod was developed to allow any person to build his/her dream home in a modular way at an affordable cost.

The basic pod must cater for the first time house buyer, and with add-ons the pod must also be suitable for luxurious off-grid living.

The SALTUS™ Pod building system can be modularly assembled like LEGO® to progress from 12.5m2 to any size home in 12.5m2 increments.

The SALTUS™ Pod was also developed for the harshest of environments, and made fire and weather proof to be installed in very remote locations.

The goal: no maintenance required.

Technical Highlights

SALTUS™ Resins Pty Ltd developed and adapted fireproof resins for simplifying manufacturing of practical composite products.

UL94 V0 test certification completed. Adhered to rigorous commercial aviation FST regulation FAR25.853(a).
30 years maintenance free (test for 50 years in progress).
SALTUS™ fibreglass composites are nearly 40% stronger than the current common resin composite products in the market. 
It is double the flexural and tensile strength compared to standard phenolic resins and on par or even better than epoxy resin systems.